I have resided in many cities due to my employment in industry.  My art training has been at many centers around the U.S.. including: The Institute for Contemporary Art, Boston, Chicago Art Institute, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minnetonka Art Center, and Edina Art Center.  I enjoy junkets to Europe to paint  plein aire.  On retirement I returned to my ancestral breeding grounds in Louisiana where I practice art in my home studio in Mandeville, LA.

I worked primarily in watercolors for many years, producing “suitcase sized” paintings in hotel rooms. I also studied watercolors for years with Kay Sharkey, a renowned Twin Cities watercolorist.  My painting  style is somewhere between impressionism and realism, with subject matter of all kinds.  Many titles are whimsical,  reflecting a weird sense of humor. Recent works are primarily in oils with an occasional venture into sculpture when I take leave of my senses.